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  1. AMess

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    Ok so theres this girl that I really like and after we started talking we got together. I like her so much and began to fall for her, after a month of us being together she broke up with me a day after our aniversarry. She claimed she wanted time to herself and didn't feel the same because she hadn't talked to me in a week. We go to school together,and I saw her in the halls, had a class with her,and txtd her everyday after school. I asked her continuously to hang out but she never wanted to. It's been a month and she has other crushes and has moved on. But I haven't, I feel everything I use to for her. I wake up thinking of her, before I fall asleep she's on my mind and I think about her all day.
    Her friend,who I love like a sister,told me that my ex doesn't care that we don't talk. So on Friday my ex left her phone in class by accident, I was nervous to find her and give it to her, we hadn't talked since the breakup. As I gave her the phone her whole face lit up and she gushed out a thank you and intentionally brushed up against me. Then later that same day she txts me to say thank you once again. One thank you surprised me but two blew my mind. Would a person that doesn't care say thank you twice? I wouldn't. Then the next day I was hanging out with her friend who has also become a great friend of mine. Apparently my ex wanted to hang out with her as well because as I'm dropping my friend off her brother tells us that we missed my ex by ten minutes. My ex had been asking for her friend and when she found out that I was hanging with her she got pissy and left.
    Girls in general confuse me. But none of this adds up. She doesn't care for me yet she says thank you twice? She brushes up against me when there was enough space to walk by? I hang with her friend that she never hangsout with and she gets mad? The last one is probably jealousy about her friend hanging out with me over her. And Ive decided that maybe I should distance myself from our mutual make my ex happy. I don't want to be the cause of distance between best friends but if I distance myself from my new friend I feel like I'll b lost. What should I do?
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    YOUR EX is an EX for a reason hun dont' go back there hun she is playing games bs with you okay You stick with your true friend now and if EX doesn't like it tuff hugs
  3. Alexgrey

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    She seems like she wants you to like her madly, but she doesn`t want to be with you. It`s like she wants all the atention, but gives none. Stop acting like you like her, hang out with whoever you want, and treat her like a normal girl, if she likes you for real she will make a move.
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