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why the hell is it that practically all the adults I know think i'm a fighter? they all say i should be proud of myself etc, but i'm not. Yes, i'm being honest. Really. i mean, its what i do to survive and get through each day. its what i'm used to. i get lectured on the fact that i dont give myself enough credit for stuff i acheive. well you know what? Its called being humble. i'm not about to brag to everyone that I lost count of the awards i got today and last week. if i could, i'd gladly give them to someone else in the blink of an eye. someone who would appreciate them more.

they all say stuff like 'You should be so proud of yourself, you came in the top of the year, you did this, that, etc etc.' They keep on asking me how i feel and stuff, and i dont feel any different. i DONT WANT to be congratulated. i just feel the same. I mean, is that such a big deal? all i got when you come to think of it, was a book and about five or six sheets of paper to go with it. they keep on saying i'm a fighter. Especially my mum, and the school counsellor, and the teachers that know what happened. they keep on saying i deserved getting the top award. people were placing freaking BETS on who would get what. some of my friends are now fairly rich because of that. They all say i'm a fighter, i'm persistent, I keep on pulling through...

but i dont feel like it. i just feel like i'm surviving the daily grind. maybe that quote is true, where they say that anyone can survive a crisis - i did... i think. and its the day to day living that wears you out - it sure is.

I dont know... i guess i'm badly confused... :unsure:


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Sorry you're not feeling so good hon'.

I guess all you can do really is try to remember that everyone is being so congratulatory to you because they want you to feel good. They want you to be happy, and they're all hoping to help you feel that way. Also, I'm sure even if you don't think whatever crisis you got through was a big deal, everyone around you obviously does. They admire you and they want to tell you how special you are, which is a good thing really... :).
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