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    i'm currently in a relationship with the most beautiful girl, we've been going out for nearly 2 years.
    however, i think i might be gay.
    i don't wish to accept this as it is something i've never wanted to be,
    i'd hate to be gay, yet i think i am.
    if anyone else is in the same dilemma and wishes to talk please get in touch.
    i'm confused whether to end my beautiful relationship and come out and hide away and stay like this.
    it's getting hard so please get in touch,
    i've never spoken to someone in the same place as me before x
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    I have had feelings and doubts that I eventually also could like men.
    I was not in a relationship during that time,
    but it took some time and it was over..
    Now I only have those feelings for some guys.
    So I might be slightly biseksual, maybe..

    And I think that if you love her and she loves you, you could talka bout this with her;
    and find a solution together!

    She is someone you know for couple years already, and we are strangers in a way.
    You dared to tell it to us, s.. I am sure you also could take the step to tell it to someone much closer to you.

    Besides; what makes you think that you eventually could be homoseksual?

    I hope that you and your girl friend are going to be allright!

    Take care :)