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    Hey guys.

    Well the main reason for me being suicidal, is that life makes no sense.

    Why must some people be bums and live on the street? Why do I get all these opportunities I don't even want? This makes me really depressed.

    Why do I need other people to be happy? I think it's weak to need people to make yourself happy, you should be able to function by yourself.

    Why can't I succeed at something I want very badly? Why am I not the best?!

    Why do I have to justify my existence? I didn't ask to be born.

    Why must I become part of the rat race? You lose your freedom once you become part of the rat race.

    What do dreams mean?

    Where would Jesus be if there wasn't a bible written?

    That's just a few things I don't understand. I'm on pills that make me sort of "high" at the moment so my suicidal thoughts aren't that serious. I'm too scared to kill myself anyway. I cut myself and burnt myself with cigarette butts, still I am scared to die. Maybe it's not the phyiscal aspect, but the fact that there's still some unfinished business on earth for me.

    When I get that feeling that I just wanna disappear forever, every second, every minute and every hour is a bonus, everything is a bonus... I love this feeling. There are also some things I want to do before I die. This sort of counters my suicidal thoughts for a while.

    Now I don't understand why I sought people to say this to? Why didn't I just type it in word and delete it afterwards... :\
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.