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    ok i have a bf who iv been with for years, a we are goin thru a rough patch.

    I hung out with an ex of mine (8 yrs ago) he was my highschool crush, we were together for 3 days then a chik pretending to be me called him an dumped him an said it was me.

    Anyways last wekend we were hangout at my work mates house and i got butterflies when he was there and now i cant stop thinking about him and get butterflies everytime i do.

    I dont know if its cos me an my bf are goin thru a rough patch or if its cos i still like my ex or if its old feelings being stirred but i duno im confused.
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    every relationship goes thru a bad patch every now and then, its just normal, but you have come across your ex and i expect you feel in the back of your mind that there is unfinished business, but its been 8 years and he has changed and moved on the same as you, he is no longer your childhood sweetheart so i doubt you will find it the same.
    is it worth the risk of losing your bf who you know for a memory?

    just a thought.
  3. KirstyMissJimBob

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    i think it was the memories coming back, but im happy to be mates with my ex