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Note: Never try to do something decent to help someone, you will always end up feeling worse.

Note: Never send a PM without copying it first

Note: Stop being such a bloody fucking failure

Note: Store this feeling and use it later​


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Note: Why are you SO stupid that you keep trying to help people. You have been told. Do NOT try and force your opinion on others.

Note: You are SCUM. Your name is accurate, remember that.

Note: Exercise more self control.
Scum, I haven't spoken to you personally, I've only seen you around the forum and maybe once or twice in chat and I don't get that impression AT ALL. Quite the opposite. You seem like a nice person, and you're being too harsh on yourself and I'm sure others would agree with me. If you want a chat anytime about anything you're welcome to PM me. :hug:


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I'm not being harsh. No one here knows me, some have seen the real me and they don't like it.

Trust me, I am scum, I just need somewhere to vent which is why I posted.

I didn't want responses so please don't think I did.

I'm sorry


I am not sure why you are so hard on yourself but others do not see you like that. I am not sure what to say to make you feel better but you strike me as a person with a kind soul. I hope you can see that in you one day.


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Thought I was talking to someone who might like me for me. Or rather, it was for my location.

But no, yet again, they hate me. And before anyone says anything, the person came right out and said it.


Great way to end today.

Note: Don't talk to people for your sake and theirs.​


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Out and out deny what you said.

People know you better, so who is going to look like the liar.

I have not lied, I said the exact true, what you said, word for word.

You want to deny it, fine. This will only be another forum where liars reside, and I have ended up taking the shit.

Say what you want.

Note: People lie.


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No Souls

Read a thread on here about no souls.

I need to believe in souls. If there are no souls then Loom and Goo are gone. I need to believe they are still here otherwise I am truly alone. There is no point to life, and death will arrive sharpish if there are no souls or spirits or anything.

Right now all I want to do is rip myself apart, or OD. But no, wait until I can do a decent job, until I can't bear to not do it. Wait for my actions to kill me.

Be with my friends, be it in a place, or be it nothing. I don't care.


It will, don't worry


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Letting it build.

Wanting it to build.

Haven't felt this built up inside since before the section.

Not much longer.

Then hopefully peace.


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Dear S;

I disagree with your opinion of yourself but I do agree that you have the right to feel that way. From what I've read of you, in posts and PMs, I think you're a lovely person and I'm glad to know you. I am sorry that you feel so badly and hope that your feelings become more positive toward yourself.

sending you love and hugs and hope for better days,




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Thanks honey, and thanks for respecting that I can have my own opinion. That means a lot.

You have done a lot for me, and I want to repay the favour. Please know that if you ever need an ear (or more accurately a pair of eyes) my PM box is open and I will help as best as I can.

Thank you

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