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    I know that truth is a thing of the moment
    but sometimes I get tired
    of living in a world like that
    Tell me about beautiful things
    so I can remember them later.
    Some days I don’t know
    if, should the world see all that is in my head,
    if I would be shunned or lauded
    most likely just ignored.
    Mostly I just sit and ponder
    I try to make peace with this world of mine.
    Try to consecrate the small things.
    A head in my lap and a hand in my palm
    a birthday wish or bruised knee.
    Attempt to make sacrosanct
    the way a person walks away
    or runs to me,
    the taste of over-sweetened tea on my tongue
    the taste of one goodbye in the back of my throat.
    Despair cannot have this
    cannot take this power from me
    this seeing, this waking dreaming,
    commit to memory
    beget in word a moment
    this existence for a moment so
    so full of existential beauty
    that I fear to breathe and break it.
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    I can find no words to express my awe and admiration for this poem...


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