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Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by Kassus, Jul 11, 2009.

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  1. Kassus

    Kassus Active Member

    Hey folks, I haven't been around for a while...been tryin to get my life straight.

    I need some wife is goin through some things and its driving me to the point of wanting to try it again. I know all the classic talk to keep someone from doing that so it won't work on me.

    The thing is, she makes me feel like she wants me to do it, and I love her so much that I would just to make her feel better.

    Please help....
  2. Bambi

    Bambi Well-Known Member

    Kassus, You have asked for help which takes courage, great courage I believe as when you go out on a limb and ask you take the chance that nothing will come back, nothing at all and that is so very saddening when already you feel so down.

    So here I am, a person who wants to help. I do not know that I will in fact be able to help but if you know me at all you know I will do ANYTHING at all that you feel will help. I have talked with a person once for 9 straight hours for example. It didn't fix it all but it did ease their pain. So here I am ready to help you.

    To just say a bit I share one thing with you in that I have a loved one, my Dad, who is depressed and talks of not going on. And of course I struggle daily with thoughts of checking out myself. I also think we are in the same age group as you have a wife, I am 40 and so know we struggle with depression/suicide in a bit different was than younger member (not worse, not easier-just a bit different)

    So Kassus what can I do for you? I want to help. I have not replied to posts in a few days and came looking for a buddy of mine and well I found you.

    What do you say to giving me a try...talking to me and allowing me to see if I may ease your pain and be a friend to you during this trying time?

    Please let me know how you are doing as I want to help.
    Again I admire you courage and the love you have for your wife.
    I am sending you a PM as well so feel free to answer here or there.
    I love you Kassus, please keep posting so we all can help.
    Love ya
  3. hellohello

    hellohello Member

    but kassus maybe because you are dpressed you are misinterpreting stuff... what exactly is your wife saying/doing that makes you feel this wasy??? you need to talk... talk to us.xxxxx
  4. Kassus

    Kassus Active Member

    I have things worked out...For the moment. I wanna thank everyone who posted and helped me for their kind words. I'm still around, and I still have some issues that I'd like to talk of in the future.

    I would like to give a special thanks to Jemi200 and gentlelady who helped me in chat last night. If my wife will allow, I will be on chat tonight for a little while. (She uses the computer for work)
  5. Kassus

    Kassus Active Member

    Well, its been a while and I wouldn't be surprised if alot of you though I went through with it. I didn't, I got a divorce, got my son, I'm just in some hard times...still having emotional troubles, but coping...barely. Bambi, we are not of the same age group, i am currently 26. and I think you are right, it is easier for older people.
  6. WldHair

    WldHair Well-Known Member

    Kassus, divorce is pretty hard and I can understand the stress you're most likely under. I have kids too and they're one of the main reasons I hang in there. I'm okay with the fact that I just won't be very happy here in this place and that things won't ever be right, and some days the emotional pain is just downright excruciating. However, I owe my kids a chance and I push aside my crappy feelings to guide them as best I can. Think of your son. Be there for him. I won't say it's easy, but if you can find some sort of outlet for yourself to get your feelings out like journaling and going for a walk everyday to clear your head. It really does work wonders. As much as I'd like to curl up in a ball in some dark place, I force myself to go for a walk most days.

    Hang in there, mate.
  7. hondaissace

    hondaissace Member

    leave her. she is obviously selfish. you'll find someone better.
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