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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by stopthethoughts, Dec 11, 2011.

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I've been doing a lot of thinking about some of the threads I read a few days ago. One in particular about what fears are pushing me to have these thoughts and ideations, led me to realize that I am looking for an escape from my living situation and that given the many problems I have (mental issues and physical health issues) there seem no other options for me -- for instance any type of living situation I could go to, they would not be able to help me with my physical disability -- and some are actually quite rude about the fact that "No, we don't accommodate people with disabilities." I don't want to risk mistreatment at some type of institution for people with disabilities, nor independent living facilities because I've heard horror stories about them, too.

    Anyway, getting me to realize these things (by the way THANK you for posting that!) has led me to want to seek mental health treatment at a residential or inpatient facility, so I can get over all the mental blocks I'm having that stop me from doing the things that would be healthy and good for me.

    I feel like it would provide the ESCAPE from this house that I have been seeking when I have these ideations. I feel like I have no choices at all. I feel like I will be here forever -- trust me, I've tried to come up with solutions and given the complexity of the situation, I just can't figure out a way, so I just gave up. But suddenly, I feel like this treatment could be the escape I'm looking for. I can learn to stand up for myself and understand my rights and stuff like that -- all those things I feel guilty about doing now. But at a program that can help me, I can work through these blocks, this attachment to things that hurt me, I can stop feeling unworthy. I'm not sure how I can, but I'm sure that's what they will help me discover.

    At least it will be a temporary escape even if I have to come back here. At least it can help me start to think about some other options I have for living elsewhere. Maybe there is some type of mental health transitional housing somewhere or something.

    I feel desperate for anything that can make me feel better and give me the relief that I need, even though it will be difficult to work through these things, I feel like it's a necessary step for me.


    Does anyone know of any good treatment facilities, in the U.S., that are also accommodating of people with disabilities? I don't just mean accessibility, but like if you need to bring a caretaker with you will they let you? Some place safe, where I wouldn't get retraumatized.

    Has anyone here tried a residential or inpatient program - and did you like it or was it awful?
  2. total eclipse

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    I don't live in the States hun but here residential programs do helps so many people some have nurses on board to help people with disabilities others don't I think if you talk to your doctor he or she could refer you to some great programs hun I hope others who live in states can help you as well h ugs
  3. Thanks. Wish I was in Canada! Yeah, I've sent some emails to a few organizations, hope that they can help find something.
  4. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I am glad you are trying hun also ask your doctor okay pdoc because they will have connections for you
  5. Thank you. Okay, I will ask my doctor, too.
  6. earhoe00

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    I don't even know what's the deal with these so called treatment facilities. I did a few google searches reading up on supposed non profit facilities around my area. Filled out my contact information asking to get more information on support groups. It's been 5 days and have yet to hear a word. I bet if I sent them a question pertaining to a donation I would get a response real quick.
  7. Roo

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    When I was suicidal 2 years ago I checked myself into the hospital and I was put in the psych ward, it ended up being one of the best experiences of my life. I know that we had several patients who had physical disabilities and the doctors and nurses were very helpful for them, they have nurses and doctors there for you 24/7. A psych ward is not an institution so my recommendation would be to check into the nearest hospital and see what they can do for you. Best of luck!
  8. earhoe00

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    I am not gonna bad mouth this particular site by link unless someone wants it via PM. Anyways this supposed non profit site has a small questionaire on one of their pages.

    You basically share some vitals and contact information and they get back to you
    -Would you like to know more about our support groups (I sent my vitals after selecting this and has been 6 days and no response)
    -Would you like to know about our charity and donation program (For laughs I filled out some information on this and got a response in 2 days)

    Pretty obvious what this non profit crisis centers top priorities are, haha
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