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Considering taking physical action...

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...against a boy in my class who constantly bombards me with degrading remarks. I am relatively slow, or I have been made to be seen as slow, and I go to quite a good school. The pupils inside are bright and so are also very arrogant. I used to be quite popular, and still like to think I still am. But about 2 years ago, I moved class. I changed teachers and things have never quite been the same. I got a new teacher who kept making slide remarks about my apparent slowness. As a result, the class followed suit. I never used to mind it. I had gotten it before. But soon, this became overwhelming. There was this one guy in particular, who was always on at me, claiming I was a joke. I admit I didn't help myself by missing coursework deadlines and so on but it all ate away at my confidence. I have become so inconfident that I have not stepped out of the house in 2 years; I have become a recluse. Lately, I have been trying to get my life in order but there is always this voice in my head, of this boy and many others like him which keep saying I can't do it. This is the first time I have approached anyone with this issue and I confide in you in the hope that you can help me sort out this problem.
Is this still continuing on even now? You mentioned you have not stepped foot outside the house for 2 years and if this is the case, then how are they bullying you at school? Taking physical action will do no good to anyone. It will only end up getting you in trouble. If this is happening at school, you need to speak to someone at the school about it.. Maybe the teacher whose class you were successful in or the school counselor. Bullying is a tough issue and usually cannot be taken care of on your own. Since I am unsure of your situation, I really cannot offer much advice.


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I agree with Gentlelady that you should report the bullying to the school authorities. Physical intervention, ie, fighting, almost never works to solve anything... but sometimes there are exceptions. (I don't recommend fighting as a solution) My nephew is quite brilliant, tho VERY introverted. He used to be picked on at his school til one day he'd had quite enough and beat the crap out of the kid who was always picking on him. AFter that, no one bothered him in the slightest. I still don't think violence is a proper response to violence, tho, and feel strongly that the authorities should be informed and should be made to take action. If they don't, go to the local police and charge the asshole with harassment.


Lately, I have been trying to get my life in order but there is always this voice in my head, of this boy and many others like him which keep saying I can't do it.
That voice doesn't know what he's talking about. :tongue: Look, you can definitely get your life in order. I respect you beyond belief b/c you've already admitted to trying to do so.

As for the voice, I consider it the voice of motivation. And just imagine how good its going to feel to be able to tell that voice to <RADIO EDIT :ohmy: > because you've accomplished those things you've set out to and then some.

Beating people up rarely solves anything. Truth is, it could make the problem worse.
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