Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Lexicon, May 2, 2014.

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  1. Lexicon

    Lexicon Well-Known Member

    Haven't had really suicidal thoughts in a long while. It's not an immediate crisis, but I'm aware that the thoughts are back, and that's indicative enough of how my overall mental state is. I'm going downhill - again - and I'm just not sure whether the fight is still worth fighting. I still have a very severe eating disorder (relapses repeatedly, too) and my mood swings etc are all over the shop, I'm relatively uncompliant on medication because I detest that I was born wrong and will never be better, and I'm not sure any of this is worth it. I'm staying for my partner, mostly, but that's something of a strain on both of us.

    So yeah. There's that.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    YOU are certainly worth the fight hun ok please try to get back on your medication to get you feeling well mentally hugs
  3. DrownedFishOnFire

    DrownedFishOnFire Seeing is Believing Forum Pro SF Supporter

    Sometimes talking about it to a thearpist does help

    My T tells me to find something postitive everyday and hold onto it.
  4. Lexicon

    Lexicon Well-Known Member

    I don't have a therapist at the moment, due to the NHS being fairly useless. I'm on medication, however, so go figure. I'm trying to get access, but it's not as easy as all that, and I desperately don't want to be sectioned - there's nothing that would throw my longterm mental health than that. Probably sounds a bit stupid, but hey.
  5. Cooki

    Cooki Well-Known Member

    Just think of something positive, set yourself a goal :) The sence of life is what you make out of it. Whatever you do, just keep that in mind, just smile a bit and think of something good. You'll see, it helps.
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