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    I have tried so hard to make my life get better I talk about the things bothering me and nothing seems to get better. I want things to get better but its just not. I have been thinking about how I would end it and when I would end it. I don't have anything to live for. I just want to die. Their's nothing left. nothing.
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    Hi hun nothing left those words words of depression hun Have you talked to your doctor about how you are feeling I am glad you are reaching out here for support and i do hope you continue to talk to us let us know why you are so down . Maybe someone here can help you out of the darkness you are in. Please hun call your doc okay see what other supports as well you can get to help you therapy meds ect hugs
  3. :hug: try to talk here as much as you can because there is a lot of wonderful people here who are very supportive..
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