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Conspiracy theories

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Anyone notice how they're always spraying the skies?
(not some short contrail either, across the entire sky)

Weird how it's never reported on by the mainstream.

Today, in South Florida, they were doing it BIGTIME!

Or how incredibly bright the Sun is getting lately?

Even the Moon is brighter than it's ever been, being easily seen in the day.

Here's a little trick to try; put finger way out in front of your face so it just blocks the Sun
and notice how the Sun's Corona completely disappears! Try explaining that one.

And then there's all the effeminate men and masculine women.

I myself have very small teeth and noggin for a man.

And Maria Sharapova has absolutely MASSIVE shoulders for a woman.

Women with huge jawlines and long necks sure do make one wonder.
(and look at all the male cops with NO necks and small heads)

There's a lot of strange things going on here at the circle K.

I think the Matrix is coming undone!


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I've noticed all of that.

Although, I've always been a bit of a masculine woman, even before the "genderqueer" trend.

Unfortunately, after I hit puberty, I guess my hormones went wacky or something.

But yeah, I've been down the rabbit hole plenty of times. This world is really a pit of darkness.
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