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  1. timtam10

    timtam10 Guest

    Hi. I'm new here. Not really sure how this all works since I don't normally do online forums. Obviously things are not great in my life right now. I am having horrendous insomnia which means I will most likely be up all night. I am curious about conspiracy theories, any and all. Does anyone here have any good ones that they would be willing to share?
  2. BlackPegasus

    BlackPegasus Well-Known Member

    Do you mean like government experiments, black projects, and that stuff?
  3. [​IMG]

    Well, there's obviously THIS one (sorry I don't have any specific links for ya' - Google's good for that - as is Michael Moore's "Farenheit 911")

    And also, if you have [otherwise unbearable] time to kill, you can watch all 23 segments of "The Corporation", here (See "Watch Video" on left side of screen):
    sorry - the link seems a bit slow today - maybe it'll be better when you go to view it...

    (btw - welcome to the forum...)
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  4. bleach

    bleach Well-Known Member


    is it true she was on MTV and said "Palestinians are pigs" or something like that?

    bush called US 'israel' in his address a few weeks ago, shakira is obviously a satanic representation (complete with the reptilian satanic lettering and the big S) of the same thing that apple/ipod (the tripods from the new war of the worlds) and scotiabank represent [​IMG]
    eve (dr dre's OTHER angrogenous protige) bite from the tree of knowledge

    eVe=the female Vagina between the 2 counterclockwise forces represented by e or continuing the cirle or the tail at the bottom of the 'e', which is mother nature's counterclockwise (pillar of severity) as opposed to father time's CLOCKWISE (pillar of mercy)'G' force

    an A is a pyramid with it's capstone.
    a V is an A 'reversed' with it's "rib" removed, thus Adam and eVe
    snake coiling eyeball

    so i wouldn't be surprised if she said some shit like that, or if brittany spears said 'we should trust everything our president says'.
  5. bleach

    bleach Well-Known Member

    a cop with no crime is just a person.
    a doctor with no disease is just a person.
    cops/doctors don't want to cure crime/disease, they want to control it.

    but you on the other hand show ALL the signs of being brainwashed and in denial of extraordinarily overwealming information, which is understandable, however . the information makes perfect sense mathmatically, liguistically, cabalistically and historically, just because YOU don't understand and it doesn't fit into YOUR linear reality, doesn't make it wrong. you've been fed your reality along with the 85% zombies that agrees with you.

    the united nations did nothing but divide nations.
    homeland security made the homeland less secure.

    "will we have fascism in the 21st century, absolutely, but we will call it anti-fascism."

    "it's gonna take more than materials you're gonna need blueprints and a will to build don't just see the materials BE the materials goddamit boy are you listening
    your not doing it right come on just watch, stop soaking up the examples and for real watch, i'm bout to make this easy for you y'all just watch you can kick and scream and yell but damn i'm only trying to help"

    george bush sr's birthday is


    6/3/6 (3 6's is 666)





    i figure by 12/24/06 shit'll be pretty crazy, 12/24/12 is for the elite.

    but if you only knew the beginning of half of the truth about how twisted and backward this world really is your head would explode. i really am the sane one, every one of your idols and leaders agrees with me, and i can more than prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt. i'm just regurgitating information from YOUR history books, YOUR movies, YOUR actors YOUR dictionary and YOUR leaders.

    i wish i wasn't right, i'm just letting you know that this is what THEY believe.

    we know we're lied to, but we all have our own standard of the severity of the information that's withheld.
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  6. bleach

    bleach Well-Known Member

    n the QBLH tree of life the left pillar represents severity, woman, negative, evil, darkness, sorrow, death, etc.
    the right pillar represents mercy, man, positive, good, light, joy, life, etc.

    the reason given by the order of the dawn is that a woman can create life, the second a life is created you are forced to think of death. also the same reason we have 'male' and 'female' plugs. male is positive, female is negative.

    the feminine side is represented by a lowercase 'e' because if you keep the 'tail' going it creates a 'counterclockwise' spiral or energy, hence the 2 'e's on either side of V's name.. this 'counterclockwise energy' is 'mother nature.

    the masculine side is represented by an uppercase G like on the freemason (male fraternity) and G unit (male fraternity) logos. if you keep the 'tail' going you get a 'clockwise' spiral (Gforce) or 'FATHER TIME" (get it? CLOCKWISE), so the OPPOSITE of FATHER TIME is MOTHER NATURE (COUNTERCLOCKWISE), thus the opposite of ADAM or A is eVe, or an A, inverted with it's 'rib' removed.

    again, it's HILARIOUS that you think I'M crazy for 'thinking' this, when i read it all in a book that madonna and a good percentage of your idols put 100% of THEIR faith into.

    it's called the QBLH (kabala, kabbala, kabalah, kabbalah, qubala, qabbala, qabalah, qabbalah, cabala, cabbala, cabalah, cabbalah)

    and just to let you know THEY also believe that the 12 spellings of QBLH represent jesus and the 12 deciples as well as the sun and the 12 zodiac signs, or the sun and the 12 months of the year (ans = anubis/anakin)

    anakin skywalker represents a complete spectrum of good and evil, much like the year does archeypally.
  7. bleach

    bleach Well-Known Member

    the hourglass is significant because mother nature and father time (jedi and the sith, the yin and the yang, fraternity's and sororities) are in a constant BATTLE for HARMONY.

    death is evil. learn your archetypes, night is evil, winter is evil, august is 'calm' or merciful evil because things are 'dying' december is 'harsh' or severe evil because everything is dead.

    hence the pillar of mercy and the pillar of severity, with justice between them (or the devil or george washington if you go to the GEORGE WASHINGTON MASONIC MONUMENT complete with the septor in his LEFT hand pointing downward for the energy from below 'from the earth or the environment' (all LOWERCASE) and his right arm reaching up for the energy from above from God (uppercase), and shirtless to 'boot', signifying george more with the devil than justice.

    it is not the anus' fault that it is the anus, without the anus, the mouth would be useless.

    the e and g thing is too simple to warrant an explination BUT draw a letter e. instead of STOPPING when you're done... (i can already PREDICT that you will most likely start on the straight part in the middle, come to a point, and then circle it, rather than vise versa.) KEEP GOING!!!!! continue making the cirlce in the same motion that your hand and pen were moving in the first place.

    now apply the same principle, COMPLETELY OPPOSITE or INVERTED to the UPPERCASE G.

    we live in a supposed 'patriarcal' society. that's why the letters (and numbers and religious interpretation) in this society, that were invented WHILE WE WERE STILL PATRIARCAL, apply to the principle even further because it's necessary to make the masculine (G or A) UPPERCASE or "in leadership" and the feminine (e or v) LOWERCASE.
  8. bleach

    bleach Well-Known Member

    Disclaimer: I find this stuff interesting but don't believe any of it, I'm just copy/pasting from other sites
  9. bleach

    bleach Well-Known Member

    damn i just realized that if.....

    ... then going to 'midnight mass' on 12 24 is about the most evil thing you could possibly do.

    george bush sr was born 6/12/24 which is 666 no matter HOW you cut it.
    "jesus" was born at midnight (12 o'clock or 24 o'clock) on 24/12/00

    but george bush was born in the 1900's you say. that's not significat, is it????????

    but earlier i said....
  10. bleach

    bleach Well-Known Member

    the 'theory' that i had about the munich olympics being 2+9=29 or 11 years before 9 11 makes more sense now doesn't it. how about when you watch the new movie munich in which the american government forces a guy to go to munich and be a terrorist or else they'll kill his whole family.

    1996=19ninety six
    1997=19ninety seven
    1998=19ninety eight
    1999=19ninety nine
    2000=19ninety ten
    2001=19NINEty eleven

    linear thought process is the enemy.

    your brain is compartmentalized into compressed folders (compressed due to trauma - or like a zip file, or a zip code, ways of compressing information) once sufficiently traumatized the information is buried, inaccessable to the desktop until certain triggers or magic words are used, bringing information out of RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY.

    this is the definition of hitlers project monarch research. compartmentalized, abused slaves are adopted into society and called sleepers, given medication to make them forget (RITE to remain silent)
    but can be accessed at anytime for assaniations, etc. hence the movie sleepers with bradd pitt and kevin bacon (6 degrees of kevin bacon 'theory')

    brad pitt and tom cruise really do 'suck the blood out of the city sewer rats'(onry ozzborn's interview with a vampire reference), complete with child sex slave clone kirsten dunst (check her movies and bio yo)
    bill gates knows how to build a brain, but you think he doesn't know how to conrol one???????????

    get REAL y'all..............

    CHECK JANE GOODALLS BIO WHILE YOUR AT IT, then check out her recent appearance on OPRAH. 'get them while their young' 'you have to teach them young and they'll never snap out of it'.

    this is why we circumsize, initial trauma, shattering the mind into a honeycomb or compartmentalized state. this is why we're programed to have anal sex with our girlfriends, the younger the better. this is why they used to poke baby's brains with needles through the mothers stomach, initial trauma.... get the brain as young as possible.... this is how and why we are 'program'ed (get it, like windows xp, program) by 50 cent to get shot, get beat up, beat our girlfriends (i got the magic stick, i hit the baddest chicks. with lil kim the spokesperson for 'beat me i like it') baby hit me one more time, check out mr and mrs smith if you don't believe me.

    abortion is the plague that kills the first born- shabazz the disciple....

    were do you think all that 'material' goes idiots.

    girls were once told, 'it hurts the first time, but it's worth it, it's good pain'

    50 cent (with a lesbian mom) (50 born on polar opposite of kanye) (white witch black witch, w w of the west ww of the east whatever) now teaches boys the same concept. it hurts the first time, but it's good pain, its worth it.
  11. Oh, MAN!!!! You are on a roll! I sorta got lost in the last post - the the rest is f'n fascinating! Are you sure "The Babbling Bush" was born on that date?? (it would explain a whole heap, now wouldn't it...:dry:)

    <edit> Nevermind - I just checked myself. He was born in July (7), not June (6) - damn, NOW how are we gonna explain his madness??
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  12. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    This place is great for that kind of stuff.

    And it's not all about the negative stuff. It has the positive side to it all too. Why we're here. Why things suck. And how to make things better.
  13. bleach

    bleach Well-Known Member

    George bush Sr., not G. W. bush the current president.
  14. bleach

    bleach Well-Known Member

    I was looking for local group on and apparently there are a LOT of people interested in 9/11 conspiracies around here... I am tempted to go to their meetings, but I don't know how scary/boring they will be.
  15. bleach

    bleach Well-Known Member

    OMG, this place is a goldmine...

  16. hammockmonkey

    hammockmonkey Well-Known Member


    i shot prez. kennedy from the grassy knoll, i wasn't conceived yet, which is why i got away with it.
  17. Right U R Ken

    Right U R Ken Well-Known Member

    I thought everyone knew that Bigfoot shot JFK to keep secret the fact that the Loch Ness monster and the Roswell Aliens were responsible for 9/11
  18. BlackPegasus

    BlackPegasus Well-Known Member

    Hey! Just checking in and waiting for you to respond. You can PM me if you need to. ;)
  19. downnout

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