Constant trial

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  1. Hangman

    Hangman Well-Known Member

    I fight until night turns to day
    Come on, isn't there another way
    I know what's coming for me
    It's not the first time I tried to be
    Hard and strong to face these damn trials
    Just fucking drain the vial
    There's no time to feel angry, sick and tired
    It's just a long days wait until it retires
    This shit runs faster than my legs can carry
    It's actually starting to get really scary
    Being nauseous until it bursts
    Puking my fucking guts out 'till it hurts
    My brain is having trouble to process
    All this damn shit of which I have free, unlimited access
    I drink the beverage until I shake
    Smoke the cigarettes, curling in my hand like a fucking snake
    Feel my lungs turn to dust, my brain will rust, my heart go into overdrive
    The question racing trough my brain, how long will I go on and survive
    I want it to end, but I keep fighting anyway
    Doesn't fucking matter what you say
    You won't care, so why should I
    Doesn't fucking matter if I just lay down and die
    They say its easy, they say it's normal
    Fucking a, never thought you'd be that fucking formal
    Time is running out for me and my damned soul
    I keep sinking deeper into the black, scary hole
    But it's important to stay positive and bright
    Why not go out and fly me like a fucking kite
    The pain won't go away that easy, no it stays to linger
    I just give my back the fucking finger
    I will blast these tunes to stay awake, until my ears turn deaf
    Fuck it all, it's becoming worse with every breath
    Try not to think about the constant pain
    At least until I go completely insane
  2. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    I liked it :) Thank you for sharing :hug:
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