Consume Me

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  1. WickedTruth

    WickedTruth Member

    It takes one moment
    One move and then
    Game Over

    Your life isn't yours to control
    Not anymore
    It takes you over
    Your thoughts..... your LIFE
    It's all you can think about
    Dream about

    It C O N T R O L S you
    Contorts reality so you come to rely on it
    like an old friend
    a lover

    The intimacy becomes addicting
    Locks you under it's unbreakable spell

    When you reach regret...
    it's too late

    You're trapped
    It tightens its grip on you,
    tighter and tighter
    until there's no other escape but

    Then, in your last moments, you feel it

    As quickly as it comes
    it's gone

    The only thing left for you?




    it consumes you
    ...the darkness

    your last thoughts as you drift?

    I'm Free
  2. morning rush

    morning rush Well-Known Member

    wow.. I am speechless, this is a great poem. I like everything about it and can so relate to it
  3. WickedTruth

    WickedTruth Member

    I'm glad you like it but I'm not glad that you can relate.
    If ya ever need to talk I'm here okay :)
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