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    Ok went in and was in line, this time she spotted me and smiled. I wasn't dressed as nicely or had my hair combed. It was me my red hat red t-shirt blue jeans and sneakers. I got to the register and addressed her by name, put my order in. Then she asked for my name and she said I see so many people all day, but I'll learn to remember your name. I stepped to the side where they call you over to pick up your food.

    This time she came over to me and said so where's your mom she doesn't want to come over and see me, huh? I just smiled and said she's out doing other errands. But she stopped by earlier this week and met your sister and told her to say hi to you. She said aw yes my sister told me, when was that? Wednesday? Dont work Wednesdays. Then there were more customers so she went to go help them.

    She comes back serves up some other orders. Then gets to mine (she gave me a generous amount of fries). So towards the end I say, Can I ask you a question? Would you like to hang out with me sometime? Then she says well I'm always here, but if I get some free time I'll let you know. I said aw ok. And yes here is where I screw up, I smiled said thx without getting her number. Though in my defense about two minutes before I ask her both her bosses walk past me to the back of the kitchen plus while she was talking to me customers were waiting so I didnt want to push my luck

    My friend said it sounded like a polite rejection.
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    Hi dax, I have read your previous post regarding this. To be honest it is too hard to tell if this was a rejection or not.
    Her bosses were there and she was busy working and probably would have been given out to if over heard. I honestly don't know how you can do this properly without her working. But may not have been a rejection at all, slip her your number, then its totally up to her, the ball is in her court. She could be shy. I'd wait and give it another shot when her bosses aren't over her shoulder :)
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    To be honest, yes it sounds like a brush off. "I'm always here" (even though clearly she isn't there on Wednesdays) sounds very much like trying to let you down easy with 'too busy to date'. I would not ask her for her number; if she wanted you to have it she would have offered and asking her for it would just put her in the position of having to give it when she doesn't want to or say no which she obviously isn't comfortable with just being blunt with a customer.

    If I were you I would simply, the next time you are in, give her a slip of paper with your number and say "if you want to hang out call me, if not that's cool too" and smile and leave. That way if she calls you know she wants to hang out and if she doesn't you have told her its no big deal and she doesn't have to feel bad or pressured. If she doesn't call, accept it and do not ever mention it again (as then it steps into creepy harassment)

    Just my ten cents :)
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    yeah Petal and Freya that sounds like what I'll do, ironically that is what I was thinking Freya. Oh well at least I asked, right?
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    Good thing you didn't follow my advice, that seemed like the right thing to do.
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    That's perfect.