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Contemplating heavily

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Me and my girlfriend recently broke up wednesday. It was a 3 year relationship, and the break up was my fault to begin with. I kept promising her I would change, I promised her I would lighten up. I didn't and it wore down on her until she couldn't take it no more, I tried my best to keep my sanity, had to stay home thursday because I was in a shock. She said she will take me back when I change, I can tell she was being sincere because we were on skype and she looked like she was dying trying to tell me those words, she was choking at first. But now she has a wall up, and will hardly talk to me, Sounds dumb, but I need her in my life, she was my emotional support she was everything to me, now that shes not here with me anymore I am going insane. She made me promise I won't kill myself. But I don't know if that is a promise I will be able to keep anymore. I have a bit of <edit total eclipse method >left over from a wisdom tooth extraction. I don't know if i can handle this anymore I am trying my best but my best isn't enough.
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Hi now is the time to get some help for you okay Use this time away from her to heal YOU to make you strong. Get t he coping skills you need so you are not draining her okay She needs to look after herself and she needs you to be able to look after YOU get the help you need so you can show here things will get better


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I agree with TE...You should find a therapist and learn coping skills.. Don't be afraid to open up.. Thats there job to help you find the right path.. When your GF finds out your in therapy then maybe she will drop that wall a little and start talking to you...
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