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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by kenada, Aug 22, 2010.

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  1. kenada

    kenada New Member

    I've been looking for someone to help me for a long time, my family never cared about me and never will, and i have no friends to turn to. Where should i start... when i was around 8 my parents were very abusive to each other and would always ignore me. They still ignore me to this very day. I have had many thoughts of suicide, each time with a different way to do so. School was always the worst. I always got beat up, put down, and everything else. I've only had one friend, but he moved after 3 years of being in school. My depression has been growing alot, I've told my family about it but they take it as a joke, they make me feel like they want me to kill myself. Ive been trying to find someone to give me advice, try to make me feel better...but each time it just makes it worse, please can someone help? i beg, im dying inside...i just want it all to end...
  2. concreteangel

    concreteangel New Member

    I promise, things will get better. I was pretty much in the exact same situation you are in, and have been in, and not committing suicide was one of the best things that could ever have happened to me, i didn't believe that things would change, but a little part of me hoped that they would. I looked and looked for someone to help me, and most people just thought i wasnt serious, or thought i was just looking for attention. I always thought, whats wrong with wanting a little bit of attention? and the answer to that is there is nothing wrong with it. But i just want you to keep fighting, people DO care, they just dont know how to show it, and forget to show it. People love you, even if you think or think you know they dont. I know what your feeling, its a horrible feeling. But things will, get better. You just have to look forward to that day, when your the happiest youve been in a long time and nothing else matters, just imagine it. It will come, it always comes. I promise you, its something that is worth waiting for.
    You might not know its here when it is, but you will realize after a little time. I give you all my joy and my hope, take it and use it, its all yours. Im here for you. Let this help. Dont fight it, just take it in, and let it be.
  3. THEO

    THEO Member

    my situation is very similar, all i can say is it will get better your life is what you make of it, I tried to kill my self 6 months ago and right now am very glad im still here sometimes not, but life is worth living just set goals for your self, one of mine is to have kids and make sure they dont live the life I did.
    if you keep trying you will succeed, its mostly a mental game, the only thing I found that helped me get over my family bieng "@#%$!*&?@#$!" was to move out of state, sorry I cant be of more help
  4. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    You talk to councillors at your school teacher there you can talk to a lay person and church person Phone your doctor talk with him see if you can get therapy or new meds you keep fighting because you are worth the fight okay
    Keep talking here people are hearing you here and care about you You are not alone anymore okay
  5. kenada

    kenada New Member

    Thanks guys. I've been dealing with alot of stressful stuff at the moment and I just really needed some help. Thanks again, I really appreciate it.
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