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    Another sample of my poetry.. I hope everyone enjoys it.
    You stand over me.
    You look at me like Im a peice of meat.
    You close your eyes,
    And you start to eat.

    Thats the story of my life.
    The helpless little animal whos been preyed on more then twice.
    Treated like the criminal,
    Instead of the killed,
    I get use to this life.

    I look forward to the day when I can close my eyes,
    And rest without remembering that I was killed inside.


    Dont you see my body burning?
    Empty inside,

    I want you to look out from behind my walls,
    See what I see,
    Feel what I feel.
    Hook yourself up to my life support,
    Let it poision your blood.
    Let me be your pain killers,
    Instead of you being mine.
    Let me show you how much of a empty shell I have become.

    My walls are made of stone,
    Im the flower growing from inside it.
    Even beautiful things can be grown from stone.
    It just needs one person to make it grow.

    It also takes just one person to cut it down,
    Make it bleed,
    Make it die a little inside (and maybe on the outside too).

    Once it dies,
    It takes a flood to bring it back to life.
    If that flood dries up,
    The flower will too.
    You have dried up on me,
    Killing me all over again.
    Now I feel alone,
    Like you use to.

    I wonder why,
    Everything wonderful in the world,
    Always passes me bye?

    Good things have happened,
    Even to me in this life.
    But everything that should be wonderful,
    Turns into complete hell,
    And once again,
    Wonderful says goodbye.

    I want to be everything to you.
    Just like back when,
    You were everything to me too.
    Now we are basically nothing to eachother.
    The way we run around one another.

    I like to stop and remember,
    The times you actually showed how much you care.
    I remember how you loved me so,
    But now those memories have melted like the winter snow.

    I stop and pretend,
    That loves still real.
    That my hearts not breaking.
    That your not gone forever.

    Back to talking to the man on the moon,
    At least now he understands why my life is such gloom.
    He tells me he wants to help me,
    So he takes me by the hand,
    The problem is,
    Even on the moon there is so neverland.

    Do you ever feel like pain likes you to much?
    Do you ever feel like the world is just always beating you up?
    If you feel like you can never get ahead.
    If you struggle and struggle and only dig deeper into a hole.
    If you feel like your always sitting in a pool of your own blood,
    From a bleeding and broken heard that just wont heal.
    Then you feel like I feel.

    Tonight Im sitting in my chair.
    Once again Im jotting down my nonsence,
    A pool of words that will just sit on a page.
    Im feeling ruther sick tonight.
    The worlds finally caught up to me,
    And Im loosing the fight,
    At least for tonight.

    I feel rightly beaten up.
    I feel annoyed and broken.
    Somewhat blood soaken.
    I feel tired and sick.
    I want to give up and quit.

    At least for tonight the worlds got the best of me.
    Life has put another black spot on my heart.
    At least for tonight my life has once again fallen apart.

    Im reaching out in a dark room,
    Feeling for a hand to hold onto.
    Im screaming loudly for someone to wake me up,
    Save me from the nigthmare or at least help me thru,
    The pitch black walls of a pitch black room.

    A praise to bipolar..

    Thank you so much for making my mind different.
    I cant say thank you enough for giving me the creativity I need.
    I dont think I could sputter out so many wonderful poems.
    Im certain I wouldnt have such a way with my words.
    Im sure I wouldnt of learned the lessons I have learned.
    I know I wouldnt be the person my family loves,
    The woman my husband married,
    The mother I am to my son,
    Or the friend I am to those in need,
    If I wasnt affected by this that some call a desease.

    If it werent for you,
    I wouldnt be me.
    Im not perfect,
    But thats what makes me who I am.
    If it wasnt for bipolar I wouldnt be someone in this world,
    Who others dont understand.
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    Awesome poems :hug:
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