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Continuing doesn't feel like a viable option

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by Kyanna Kleyer, Sep 7, 2016.

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  1. Kyanna Kleyer

    Kyanna Kleyer New Member

    I'm in distress. But according to everyone around me, I chose to do this.
    My ex was extremely emotionally and mentally abusive. When he left, I was so devastated that I refused to leave my room. I failed out of college.
    I decided to reach out to a friend who suffered from depression for help. And he ended up saying that he just couldn't handle it.
    I finally got the courage to talk to my crush. And then I realized that he doesn't like me. And probably won't after tonight, when I told him my real feelings.
    I'm dead inside. I'm in a book that doesn't have a continuing story line after this point. I don't see a future for myself.
  2. Cronus

    Cronus Member

    Ah, the age of 18, such a challenging turning point in many peoples lives. Already you are out of highschool and moving on to either further study or work and trying to become completely independent. Add in relationships and things become a ton harder!

    Always remember there are tons of people out there that you haven't met. Sure, many of them may be terrible and abusive like your EX, others may seem to be what you are after but then reject you. Then there are those who are almost perfect for you (I say almost, because when it comes to love, there is always a compromise). I'm a guy myself, 22 actually and I've heard many stories from my female co-workers aged 18-30 about their boyfriends that have come and gone for one reason or another. Infact, the two girls that were under 20 have both had multiple boyfriends and at least 1 of their boyfriends have cheated on them.

    Don't feel you aren't perfect, don't even feel you have to be. There is someone out there for you, you just haven't met them yet. Please don't give up now honey, if you do, your soul mate will never have a chance of meeting you. Your life could bring so much happiness to yourself and your future lover :)

    Relationships don't always stay on track, it isn't just you, it happens to a lot of people, but that doesn't make it any less heart breaking for you, I know :)

    Also remember, even if you fail college or uni, it doesn't mean your life will be limited money wise. I'm 22 and did a small 6 month course after high school to work in an almost minimum wage job. I started working at 18 ensuring I saved every penny and did side jobs for extra cash while also investing. Guess what? 4 years later and I'm worth over $200,000, have my own place and I'm independent. Of course, I'm not like most other people my age, I'm more like a 30-something mentally with the appearance of a 16 year old and a strong desire to reach financial independence ASAP so I can volunteer to make the world a better place without the shackles of debt and mortgages.

    Anyway, enough about me...

    I wish you the best Kyanna, stick around and show the world what you've got ;)
  3. Survivor987

    Survivor987 Member

    Hi Kyanna and welcome to SF. First let me say you are not alone and you will get replies on here from people who know exactly how you feel. Who, despite being depressed themselves and dealing with their own issues, will try and support you.
    You are in a book where the ending hasn't been written yet. We all are. If you are 18 I'm old enough to be your mum and I can tell you from,painful experience that no man is worth the suffering you feel right now. You don't deserve to feel bad because your ex was abusive. You don't deserve to feel bad because someone you care for doesn't feel quite the same way. You don't deserve to make yourself feel bad full stop.
    You will experience Heartbreak but that means that you have been brave enough, strong enough and willing to share all of you with someone else. If they don't value that then THEY are not worth YOU.
    Big hugs
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