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hey mia i thats a really good could help allot with being able to recognize the abusers in our lives.thx :hug:

ps.stickied it too


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thank you for posting the link it has some stuff, that helps me realize more of why I need to get out of the situtation I am in.
Thank you so much for this link. It is full of good information. I can see my ex in so many of these definitions. Thanks for helping.


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thank you so much for that link. i had to phone the police today because my soon to be ex husband was being very threatening, abusive and intimidating towards me again and he very nearly beat me, just like he did my 14 year old daughter a few weeks ago. i now have grounds for a non molestation order to get him out of the house and away from my 4 kids and i. everything that post said was true, he lies about everything, exaggerates, intimidates me, belittles me infront of the kids, tells them i'm crazy and a psycho, i just cant cope. he is manipulating my kids and turning them against me, they are angry at me for having to phone the police but i was so scared of him, no one knows what goes on behind closed doors. i only applied for a divorce 2 weeks ago and told him to leave and already the battle is too much for me. i am finding it so hard to be strong for my slef never mind my kids. i feel so bad for them. they wont even come out of their rooms, i have failed and let them down so badly. i feel so bad. i hate him so much. i wish he was dead.

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