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    She's a devious manipulative cow that just wont let me move on. Everytime I start to move on and forget about her, she just drifts straight back into my life again. Few months ago she reckoned she was pregnant, and even though the kid wasnt mine, she wanted me to get back together with her and help her bring up that kid as my own. Which if I was older, maybe I woulda given it more thought. But im 18 for crying out loud !! Im studying, and firstly I want a child of my own !!

    You was careless enough to get pregnant in the first place, so dont come running to me when it all goes wrong !!

    Now im moving on again, putting you in the past, where you belong, and I get a text outta the blue. "Im getting married." This might sound normal to all of you, but you dont know her, she knows that deep down I still care, because when I fall for someone, I really fall. I don't want to get back with her, but when your in a relationship for nearly two years, you just cant help it. I spoke to her briefly on MSN and she told me that if I really cared for her, then I'd try to stop her going through with the wedding. It just proves that this guy (if he exists) that she supposedly loves after 2 months, she doesnt want to be with him. She wants to worm her way back into my life. She wants me to say "oh no its not him you love, its me", well guess what... Im not going to say it. So when your saying your vows and expecting me to gatecrash your wedding, just be prepared for the worst, because im not going to stop you. Be with him for the rest of your life, I just hope for your sakes that its really what you both want. I've moved on.