Controlling the weather

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    Those who doubt that Katrina, or any other hurricane, could be stopped—or created—can find substantiation in a long-forgotten article by Chen May Yee in the Nov. 13, 1997, issue of The Wall Street Journal.

    The article recounts an offer by the Russians to aid Malaysia to create a typhoon to dissipate a pall of smoke that hung over the country—and still does—caused by the burning of large sections of the rain forests in Indonesia and Sumatra.
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    Hey, didn't I read this in a Michael Crichton novel?

    No, I was probably thinking of the one where terrorists detonate a hydrogen bomb beneath La Palma Island, then half of the island collapses, sending a mile-high tidal wave towards NYC. :surfing:
  3. hammockmonkey

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    or the one with monkeys that have a giant laser that does . . . . . something really cool. Then an evil corporation tries to steal it from the monkeys and only a talking gorilla can save the day.

    I've heard of the Chinese using some sort metallic substance (silvernitrate orsomething like that) stimulate rain clouds to drop their rain sooner then it might normally, but that is very hit or miss. They don't create more rain, they just get the rain to fall before it would under normal conditions. I have never heard of anyone actually making a weather controlling device (maybe in James Bond?).

    I was looking for an old article I read that calculated the amount of energy necessary to disrupt a hurricane already formed, the amount was great then several atomic bombs. But I can't find the article so never mind that little fact.
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