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Controlling Triggers

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I was doing well recently until a little poem about a suicide attempt set me off all over again. How do you guys control triggers? Is it better to confront or run away?

This site frustrates me sometimes because it logs you out too quickly and you lose longer posts. Goddammit.


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make sure you click the remember me when logging on, took me a while to get that one to, lol.

Triggers for me, I tend to try and ignore them, but sometimes you cant, so in those times I try to beat it, like get something that will make me feel better, like a comedy movie, a song I havent heard in a long time, usually something pysical does it for me, I start dancing, singing, last time I played Just Dance on the wii. That help caused all I could think of afterwards was how bad of shape im in, lol.

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You learn to control the triggers when they hit you. you learn to look around your surroundings and pick out 3 things in your room from the present time you learn to feel 3 different things and to call somone for help if you can You let the feeling go through you okay meanwhile allowing your brain to see hear and feel things that will keep you here in the present It is all so tricky but it works
i avoid the parts of the site that are extra triggery for me when i'm feeling vulnerable, like chat and the self harm section. if i find myself triggered i used total eclipse's method. counting out things in my surroundings, using my senses. 5 things i see, 5 things i hear, 5 things i can touch, etc. i also do deep breathing. in for 4 counts, hold for 4 counts, out for 7 counts. these are things i learned in therapy. maybe your therapist can help you work on what to do if you get triggered. hugs



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I have a really hard time avoiding my trigger: pretty women. Or even average women. I start wishing I looked like them and end up crying.

I hate being a guy =(


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I fucking suck at avoiding triggers. Someone mentioning the state of Georgia is a freaking trigger for me. Then all my emotions well up and I just want to get out.
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