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cooking disaster

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Sa Palomera

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urgh somebody teach me how to cook a decent meal! :mad:

So I get up, decide to take some cereal kinda stuff.. boom out of milk! :mad:
so instead I decide to take some tomato-soup with meat balls, only needed to be warmed up so yeh that did go well.
Then I decide to make some fried potatoes and chicken drumsticks.. gah! Stupido!!!
first they start spitting the burning fat all over me, then they got all black when I wasn't paying attention for a second and the whole kitchen decided to go smokin' :mad:
then I almost forgot that I was frying fried potatos so they are all a bit too crunchy now too and the chicken drumsticks don't taste well either :sad:

Somebody come here and give me a workshop how to cook properly :sad:

Aw...I'm sorry your cooking attempt didn't go so well. :hug:

Next time, you should give me a call. I'm in culinary school, so I'm a pretty decent cook...or at least I hope so. :rolleyes:

Sa Palomera

Well-Known Member
aww thanks :hug:

see this is what happens if my housemate/friend who normally cooks for me and herself is out for the weekend :rolleyes:

oh and while we're at it. HOW the hell did I manage to have the outside of the chicken drumsticks entirely black and burned, while the inside isn't even ready yet? :unsure:

ergh Ester = kitchen disaster :rolleyes:


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I HATE to cook... tho I love to eat. I'm the world's worst cook. I can't make a meal with more than one course cause I can never get everything to come out at the same time. I live on lots of frozen/microwave dinners/food cause I can't be trusted at the stove.:rolleyes: All my kids learned to cook in self-defense cause they couldn't count on me to do it much. anything I cook is either under or over-done. I can wash dishes til the cows come home tho...:rolleyes:

least likely to cook a decent meal:laugh:
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