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Coping Mechanisms

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What are some of your favourites?

I rely strongly on an ironic sense of humour. I mock the objective lack of importance my anxieties really hold, I mock my inner demons. I usually try to distract myself this way while I do something productive.

If I'm too broken up for this, I like to console myself with a little bit of a fantasy trick; I curl up really well, hold myself, and pretend I'm being held by a sort of Knight in Shining Armour, anime bishie Prince Charming or somesuch. He strokes my hair and tells me that things will be fine, that we'll work it out, that I'm still beautiful and he still loves me.

It's corny but it's the artistic way. ;)

At least the combination of the two keep me from being incredibly pretentious.

Anyone else have self-calming, cheering or coping mechanisms to share?

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