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    so I was watching skins last week and seen that JJ had a crazy wall going on in his room...

    and it made me think of when i was at my lowest point back last year and I my self had a crazy wall to.

    I basically covered my bedroom wall in paper and every time i had a bad thought (most the time of harming or suicide) i'd write it down on the wall. I'd write what was triggering me and how it happened.
    time, dates, who was there..

    I rememeber the wall being full of loads of random shit.
    and i feel that it helped a little. So i was wondering if any one else has used a method like this before...

    if your not sure what i mean, check out the link..
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    I've trashed my room including writing death threats on my wall....not quite the same thing maybe.
  3. mixedemotions

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    Yeah, not really the same, but its still a crazy wall lol

    well no sorry... i was told to call it the stream of thoughts wall