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    Hello i think this is the first time i am on this forum and i would like to share a coping method with those who are depressed and or having suicidal feelings.

    I am myself very depressed and think of suicide allot and sharing my feelings or and talking to others often make it worse for me.Which is why i fall into darker wells most of the time.

    But the thing that often keeps me up my legs are the following

    I try to go into meditation or sometimes just lie down for a bit and try to think about what good my existence could be if i do not end it,Then i try to fall into day dreaming about all the GOOD things that happend in my life and just dwell into the good old past.Oke at this time i might be feeling awfull and want to die but what can i do? i have 2 options

    1.End it and not be sure what will happen in the afterlife IF THERE IS ONE

    2.Fight with all the power i have by watching comedy`s thinking about the good things i have experienced and what GOOD my existence could do for others and by this grasphing life by his tales and gain more pleasant memories.

    Are you also having trouble talking to others about our own problems?Try to get out your strong parts and help someone!Mabye you cannot help your self at the moment but helping another might atleast dwell you of the negative part that you are in right now.

    So you are thinking about dying right now.What do you hope to gain by this? eternal peace?You cannot be sure that you will gain that by dying.Mabye i am not sure but MABYE you will just take all the negativity with you in the after life and make it even harder for your self.

    So hello i am Don and if your reading this the chance might be that you have the same bad feelings i am having right now.Just remember you are not alone and that your existence means allot even if it seems small or useless.You are worth something why else would you be here in the first place?

    So mabye you have done something very bad.Mabye it feels like the world is better off without you? what have you done then? did you hurt someone? What so ever you have done it is not the end!You can indeed make up for your mistakes and improve things for yourself AND others!

    Grasp my hand as a fellow human and fly with me past the stars..Look back for a moment what do you see?a dying star that is worth nothing called our depression.So now we are here and we can continue our fight and mabye we will lose at times but remember you have not lost yourself..

    Thanks for reading and much love Don.
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