Coping methods no longer work

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  1. spacecowboy

    spacecowboy Well-Known Member

    I lost the biggest one (car). The fallback has always been music. Music of choice? Classic rock, always classic rock. Slap the headphones on, load a playlist and listen for hours. Not working anymore. My mood is just as foul as when I started. Just as deep, if not deeper. Bands that I've been fans of for 30+ years. Seems that I just don't even care to listen to them anymore. Music soothes the savage beast? Not anymore. Headphones on for 45 minutes, no change. [​IMG]
  2. Dikta

    Dikta Autistic.

    I'm sorry to hear that, I too know how it is when the normal things just suddenly doesn't help anymore.
    But have you tried new music maybe? Or do something that you haven't tried yet or haven't done in years?
  3. spacecowboy

    spacecowboy Well-Known Member

    I've tried listening to what's supposed to be rock music today. Makes me want to puke. Longest I listened to Gaga is 3 minutes. Beyonce even less. To me it's like Rap, but the word describing it is the same with a C at the beginning. Same goes for today's C&W. Give me Willie Nelson.

    I've never had any interest in that long hair stuff (classical), and opera makes my brain melt. lol I tried watching one of the 'greats', Luciano Pavarotti. Didn't make it long.

    It's pretty damned hard to try new things when you're dependent on public transit and it takes forever and a day to get somewhere. If I want to be there at 1pm, I have to catch the bus at 11:30am. And doing things alone I have never gotten any enjoyment from. I wanted to go see the last Trek movie on the big screen. Nobody to go with. So I'll wait until it's out on DVD. Same with the last Star Wars movie.

    If I have to watch a movie alone, I'll do it at home. And now that it's getting to be that time of year, it's only going to get worse. I loved winter and snow as a kid/young adult. Now I hate it with a passion. Last winter it made me a recluse. Only 4 things got me out. Doctor, pharmacy, grocery store and monthly trip to the CU for a cashier's check to pay rent. Not that I'm out much more than that during the spring/summer/fall.

    I've used some forums (not like this one) to keep my mind active and off the subject. But somebody on 2 of them went to far and I told them all to PO and that I wouldn't return. The 1st one I belonged to for years. Some guy that I thought was a friend basically called me an effing idiot. When I called him on it, he told me fu. I told him to fo, then said "mic drop, i'm gone to never return". The 2nd one was recent, only a year. That one was over a poster who not even once was called out for his vile in your face racism. A couple of us went off on him. Guess who got the reprimands? Not him. So I had a big meltdown there and told them to esad, and I won't be returning.
  4. ToBeAtPeace

    ToBeAtPeace Well-Known Member

    First of all, I'm sorry you're suffering. When I'm suffering, the last thing I like is people giving me advice. So in case you're the same, I'll just tell you what's worked for me, and you can decide yourself if you think it might be appropriate for you.

    I've always been a big fan of rock, indie, indie rock, and heavy metal. Classic rock too. But in my most depressed states, I haven't been able to tolerate it. It gave me nothing. It just made me feel worse. During those times, I've had to turn to different genres to help. First easy listening, the kind of thing you find on radio stations with names like "Smooth", then if that was too much to tolerate, I've had to turn to classical. Classical is usually pretty soothing. If that can't help, then meditative stuff, with really soothing tones - e..g. solfeggio frequencies (worth a google).

    Again, I'm not saying it would work for you, or if indeed it's something you'd feel comfortable doing. I just wanted to share because I know how awful it is listening to music you've loved so much no longer giving you anything back.
  5. spacecowboy

    spacecowboy Well-Known Member

    My collection runs from America's Sister Golden Hair to The Beatles, Stones and AC/DC. And almost everything done by Tom Petty. I have 20+ GB on my hard drive. CDs of my own that I ripped and CDs from a friend that I ripped.

    I used to go to Youtube and watch George Carlin. His stuff always had me rotflmao. Not now. Same goes for Robin Williams. Billy Connolly always had me in stitches. I have a couple gay oriented comedy movies (Victor/Victoria and To Wong Foo) that I generally watch at least once a year. I love them. But even they can't break through the fog. Haven't watched Brokeback Mountain in 5yrs. I get to emotional.

    I hate feeling like this. Because it sounds like all that I do is piss and moan.

    woe is me
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