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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by hare, Jul 26, 2008.

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  1. hare

    hare Active Member

    hi. i'm a new member, but this is not the first stage of my life that i've felt suicidal. it hits me every once in a while. a year ago i had the same problem, but circumstances were different, and it's worse now.
    times have been tough with my family, but my mom is gathering her strength again. my brother just got out of the teen psych ward at the hospital. he was there for two months for a drug induced psychosis. he was only smoking pot and shrooms but a lot of it i guess....
    my mom told me she was suicidal two months ago. i lied, i begged, and i made promises just to prevent her from doing anything drastic. things are calm now. my parents are divorced, and for a while my mom and dad were fighting about my brother about who was a more unfit parent. my dad was blaming her for everything.
    my mom, my brother and i are all on anti-depressants now. i've felt so down lately. i haven't done anything with my time. i keep wanting to do myself in. i'm surrounded in sadness. i have one friend, busy and preoccupied with her boyfriend. i'm all alone. and i'm not going to tell my mom. she just managed to get away from that sort of thing. i have to convince her i'm okay, but i don't know how. i'm scared for the future. i just assume that the worst will happen, and no matter what, i feel like i'm a burden to everyone and a waste of flesh.
    i need to cope, convince my family i'm okay, and get on with high school. what do you guys use to cope? i need all the help i can get right now.
  2. Susan_G

    Susan_G Well-Known Member

    Try to stay away from negative poeple who use the word Can't.

    Like management who says they can't remove MY profile
  3. innocencexisxlove

    innocencexisxlove Well-Known Member

    my copeing, is SF.
    I post here whenever I can.

    Welcome to SF.
    You can PM me ANYtime you need to talk.
    I love to help, and be a friend.
    And don't feel like a bother,
    Because I live, to help:smile:

    :hug: It does get better..
    But it takes time.

  4. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    Have you thought about maybe a part time job to help your mom. I'm sure she is struggleing to support all of you. Just a thought, I just thought if she saw you making an effort then maybe it will help her depression. Keep posting so we know how you are doing!!
  5. hare

    hare Active Member

    things are good between me and my mom right now, i think. i'm helping out around the house lots and trying not to spend too much time in my bedroom. i have a part time job at the drycleaner's. but i don't want her to know that i'm not all right, so i need another way. last time i cut myself, it just about sent my mom off the edge. i can't do that again.
    my mom didn't want me to go on anti-depressants, not until she was convinced they may help me. my coping strategy used to be her, but we're not all very strong right now, and i don't think it will help if i dump my dark, dismal thoughts on her.
  6. Dead Alive

    Dead Alive Active Member

    Your mom wont understand your dark thoughts. This is a safe place. You are amongst friends and people who know your pain well.
  7. hare

    hare Active Member

    yeah, this is the best place for me to talk to people right now. most people don't understand my feelings. if i ever tell them, they usually get uncomfortable and tell me to phone kids help phone or something.
  8. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    Hello Hare,
    I am glad to hear you are helping your mom around the house.And also I am impressed that you are holding down a part time job to help out. How does it make you feel? You may not realize it but you have taken a big step towards being possitive, now you just build on that one step at a time. Don't get upset if you back slide a little. Just set that to the side and keep moving forward. Good Luck...
  9. Xistence

    Xistence Well-Known Member

    Listening to music and watching movies is how I usually cope. Hope you get to feeling better soon. :smile:
  10. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    The two coping skills I use are:1)positive self talk 2)visualization(picturing yourself somewhere serreen) I picture myself on a small boat just drifting with the currents and checking out mother nature.
    Between the two of them I also try to use breathing techniques to help keep me calm. Give it a go and see if it doesn't help a little. I had someone also tell me that they go somewhere private and just yell and scream until they can't yell anymore. They say it helps with stress.
  11. hare

    hare Active Member

    thankyou, stranger1. i don't know many safe and effective ways to deal with distress, so i'll try all of those. i used to cut myself, but that hurts my mom more than it hurts me. i've just felt so down lately. before this i always attempted to keep my days constructive and eventful, but with no hobbies, minimal interests, and a near non-existent social life, it can be tough. lately i haven't tried at all. i need to find a healthy way to boost myself. i'm sixteen. shouldn't i be having the time of my life?
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