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Coping with things you can't change

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by kittylover, Jul 29, 2010.

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  1. kittylover

    kittylover Well-Known Member

    How do you cope with things you can't change that make you want to die? My gender dysphoria is severe now, making me constantly hope I die. It is something I can't change because my body could never look female regardless of how many surgeons I hire.
  2. Dave_N

    Dave_N Banned Member

    I think you just have to accept that you'll always be a man and move on. You can always dress up in women's clothes if that helps. Please don't kill yourself over this. :hug:
  3. ClaireAnnette

    ClaireAnnette Member

    Can you tell us more about your situation? that would help in figuring out ways to do things and give you advice. Have you tried talking to doctors yet?
  4. Marty482

    Marty482 Well-Known Member

    If the outside cant change the inside can. Im praying that the pain goes away. YOu are a good PERSOn regardless of the other things. THAT counts too, Dont forget that.

    Sending love and hope,

  5. kittylover

    kittylover Well-Known Member

    I've been seeing psychiatrists and therapists since 2000, when I figured out that I'd much rather be a woman. I've been taking hormones for a little over 2 years now.

    I'm 6'3" (190 cm), with big hands and feet. I have a masculine face structure, even though I don't grow facial hair anymore. My skin isn't soft like that of a woman my age (30). I have a low voice that I really doubt I could train t be like a woman's.
  6. Dave_N

    Dave_N Banned Member

    I'm 5'8" with small hands and feet. When I shave, my face feels very smooth and soft and I have small, girlish arms which I have been trying build up with muscle (unsuccessfully). I wish I were taller and had larger, manly muscles, but we have to work with what God gave us. Try to be comfortable in your own skin. :hug:
  7. ThinkingCap

    ThinkingCap Well-Known Member

    Watch any chick flick and you'll see that 70% of being a woman is attitude, the 30% deals with menial things like tits n' ass. I have seen so many 'men' that are far more of a woman than I could ever hope to be, and that all comes through by their actions. Have you thought about connecting with some drag queens or transsexuals in your area that can give you some advice on becoming more comfortable as a woman?

    I was about to say 'road to being a woman', then I realized there is no road for you-- if you feel as if you are a woman, then you are already there. Now it's only a matter of getting everyone else to easily recognize your inner self. The fact remains that you are already a woman, inside and out. Your deep voice, masculine face, holds no sway over that. Look in the mirror and feel that fierce feminine force flowing from deep within you (couldn't stop myself-- sorry!), see in every movement, every word, your womanhood expressing itself. It's there, you just aren't aware of how strongly it is there. Believe in that power, and believe in your natural state. I really hope this helps, we need more strong women out there (and men, Dave!) and I don't want to see you lost in the minutiae of physical features.

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