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    So You Think This Is A Poem?

    Haha, I’ll fool you.
    This is not a poem.
    It’s just some random writing.
    Things aren’t what they seem.
    So look a little closer.
    I’m making you believe.
    That I’m creating art.
    What you don’t know, though.
    Is that this is just fake.
    Something to pass the time.
    To pull the wool over your eyes.
    So if you like this, I say.
    Good luck to you all.
    I’ve just fooled you this whole time.
    Through these fifteen lines.

    I Have A Secret

    And the secret is this.
    I really don’t care at all.
    What you might think of me.
    I’m my own person, you see.
    I run my own life.
    So it’s not the greatest life of all.
    But guess what, it’s all mine.
    I have a secret.
    And the secret is this.
    I don’t know who I am.
    I just play this role in life.
    I try to be somebody.
    Somebody that I’m not.
    I have a secret.
    And the secret is this..

    On Top Of The World

    I feel like a bird.
    Flying free and high.
    Then someone strange happens.
    My wings feel all bent.
    My feathers are ruffled.
    And I begin to fall.
    I can’t feel my body.
    I think I’ve gone numb.
    I cry to cry out.
    But no sound is heard.
    I was on top of the world.
    When I began to fall.
    With my broken wings.
    Right back down to earth.
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