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    I just got back from my school after straightening out my financial aid. I will owe $27,000. I will no longer receive aid because I'm on suspension. The type of school I'm attending is career training, and 96% is passing. Anything below that is failing. It's a specific type of career I've chosen.

    98% of students don't graduate on time, and 98% of students enter the suspension phase, no matter how hard they work. I want to give you an idea of the pressure I'm under.

    The question is: How much of this pressure can I stand. I really want to do this type of work, but to get to a secure professional career is pure hell. I never want to go back to customer service, data entry, market research. I figure that I've made it this far, and I can't afford to go back to those crummy jobs.

    I feel a strong sense of panic coming on.
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    But you said it best -- you've made it this far!

    The fact you care so much AND the fact you KNOW that you don't want to go back to doing what you were doing means that you have all the motivation in the world to succeed. Based on those stats you quoted you're definitely not alone. Of course, if it was easy maybe all of us would be doing it. :smile:

    I hope you hang in there and make it work for you. I know debt sux but your debt is an investment into your future. Besides, interest on student loans is typically tax deductible as is most school expenses incurred for the year.
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    Thank you for making me see the light! Sometimes all I need is a readjustment in my thinking!