Could I be a genius?

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by HelpingHand, Mar 11, 2008.

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  1. HelpingHand

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    I have taken a few IQ test lately and they have all turned out average save one which put my IQ at 122 in the "very superior" range. But I have been reading up on geniuses and their traits and personalities and began to think I just might be one of them.

    Here is what I base my opinion on:

    1. I have been called both "extermely smart" and "insane" by countless people
    2. I look at a problem and find creative ways to solve it
    3. As a kid I did not share the interests of other kids when everyone else was watching MTV and BET I watched the history channel
    4. I am noted for behavior that could be considered "quirky"
    5. My parents and teachers call me "absent minded"
    6. By every single teacher i have ever had they all say i am their smartest student.
    7. I was picked on a lot when i was younger and suffered from very low self esteem I look back now and see they were all just jealous
    8. I think about things normal people wouldn't think about
    9. I confuse people because of my habit of talking in riddles
    10. I have Asperger syndrome and am left handed
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    shouldn't this be in the 'soap box' section?
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    Probably but this sounded like a good place to put it.
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