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could this be the third sleepless night in a row?

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all i can say is that i'm glad i've got plenty of dvds and audio dramas to keep me listening.

that's all i've really been able to do at nights lately

plus i have my thoughts- that seem to get worse at night..

and now for some reason, my body has just got used to being awake- i couldn't sleep even if i tried.

another sleepless night on the cards me thinks..

Mr Stewart

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Hang in there. :smile:

Sounds like you're trying to keep busy, that's good. It's best not to sit there staring at the walls ruminating over your inability to sleep. I know from experience that particular tactic is wildly ineffective.


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Wow, 3 nights is bit epic - then again your not that old so its not going to ruin you.

I used to have this - still do but these days I'm over 40 and staying up one night is enough and I do this now and again if I'm saying up too late and sleep will not come.

That said 3 nights - I'd only do that if using some stimulants. I have used stuff like speed in the past - way past that now - but did have medications which kept me up for a couple of nights! Tramadol was one and Cipralex another. Stopped using for that reason.

I would use something to get me asleep - which in my area means either alcohol or cannabis. I choose the latter as the former makes me feel like crap as it interrupts the sleeping pattern - not as deep a sleep with booze - you wake up WAY early also - a false sense of wakefulness hits me about 6.00am so I get up and then feel like hell about a few hours later. Pot will let you sleep for the maximum amount - and will generally put someone like you to sleep in a few hours.

Other more practised users will find pot livens up someone sleepy - much like booze, although this tends to fade after maybe 2-3 hours.

If I was you - Id take a long walk - an hour or more - then get home and have a shower - then a nice meal. Then I'd chill with a couple of Euro Reefers, which use tobacco as well as cannabis or hash.

I'd be knocked out sleeping like a baby in a few hours - and have a relaxed sleep which FEELS like a sleep as long as you do not sleep over too much which will make you feel more exhausted.

If you do not smoke - three fingers of scotch would ease you off. Any more would ease you in for more drink and booze can act like a stimulant, for a hour or so at least.

Sleeping pills is what a doctor would give you - although some docs would prescribe cannabis as a better sleep aid due to the kinder toll it has on our body and mind.
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