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Could use some help starting a PM using mobile app on iOS


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Does anyone use the mobile app on an iPhone? I'm attempting to start a conversation via PM. I'm blind and using Voiceover, the built-in screen reader on iOS. I got as far as going to my inbox and tapping a button toward the top of the screen that takes me to a screen where I could create a message. But then I'm stuck. Voiceover is showing 3 edit fields for putting text. They're not labeled, so I'm not sure what goes where. I'm guessing the first is for a username and the second may be the body of the message? But when I tried that, the Send button is dimmed, which means grayed out and it won't send. So I'm obviously doing something wrong.


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Hi Alison.
The first field is the user name. Second is the title of the message which it forces you to use - do you have to write "hello" or "long time no see" or whatever in there. THEN you write your message on the third field.
Not sure if this helps as I'm not seeing it the way you are but let me know if you get further.
Great having you back.

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