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Could use some support and understanding!!!

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Hi Everyone,
I guess I'll start with a little bit of my history. Well, I am a 33yr. old single female. I was diagnosed with BPD, major depression and severe anxiety about 4 yrs. ago. It basically has been complete hell ever sense. I am here on this forum hoping to learn and cope with some of my symptoms. I know there are many people out there that will be able to give me great insight and I can't wait to meet and share things with many of the people here that will be able to give and take support. Great meeting all of you.

Any suggestions, advice, experiences with what I have and am going through would be helpful! Thanks for even looking at this post! kmj221 [/COLOR]
Heya :) welcome to SF! I hope you find the support and kindness that you deserve. Here if you need to talk. And keep posting so we can try and help :) Take care



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Hi KMJ, Welcome to the forums..Take your time and read some threads.. I'm sure you will find there are alot of people here with similarities..Take Care!!
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