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through i am not a professional psychologist but i have deep interests in psychological sciences and have gained insights into the working of human mind it states and conflicts arising there in. I happend to meet three schizophrenia patients in a military hospital while i myself was admitted there. apparently they all were very relieved after talking to me. I am NOT a professional but i feel i can help in some way. So if you got issues with your thoughts and feelings feel free to talk to me.


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Counseling does not do a damn thing. Don't waste your time with it.
actually, i know people who have benefited greatly from counseling. Just becuase it might not have worked for you, doesnt mean you should discourage others from trying it. They might find a lot of help in it.


It completely depends on the person and the situation. Some people will benefit greatly especially if they have all sorts of things they want to talk about that they've never been able to tell another person. Other people like me can't get much more than limited benefit from it because we no longer really seek guidance from another person when it comes to how to live or what to do about our issues, or the counselors don't know how to deal with certain complex issues.

Ideally a counselor is someone who will try to help you sort out your own problems, but in real life it's difficult to find anyone who can even remotely fit that bill because different people with different beliefs or value systems have different ways of dealing with similar problems.
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