Counselling for Eating Disorder

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by downunder, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. downunder

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    Just wondering what sort of things a counsellor says to someone who has gone to see a counsellor for a eating disorder?

    I see a shrink about grief issues, and she noticed my lack of weight, and just lectures me. She says "I am a doctor, blah blah blah blah", "Hello, can't you see what you are doing to your body blah blah blah", "I don't understand you", "Are you doing this to make me frustrated?", "I have real concerns about you".

    Wasn't really helpful.

    Once she asked me to get on the scales, I didn't want to, too embarassing so she got on, and I had to show her how to work the scales!!! She then weighed herself and compared it with my weight, and asked me if I thought she was overweight.

    If counselling for an eating disorder is similar to this then I couldn't see it being very helpful at all. You might as well have your family lecture you.
  2. total eclipse

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    God you made me laugh with that one. Some doctors should not try to council with what they are not specialized in. I think seeing a psychologist that deals with eating disorders OCD as well will be more affective They will help you change your thought process about food and other things that affect why you eat the way you do. They will find the cause the root of the problem and go from there. Take care okay and i can assure you that no you will not get lectures just support to help you change. take care.
  3. downunder

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    Well when she hopped on the scales and told me her weight, I said "don't you think you should do something about that".
  4. total eclipse

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    You are too funny lol Oh my god i am surprised she didn't smack you. That is so funny well at least you have a sense of humor Seriously though if you have an eating disorder get someone with the expertise to help you.
  5. downunder

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    I have her laughing a lot. Once she was pushing anti depressants at me, and I said, to her, can I OD on those, she says, "no they are quite safe", I said, oh well I am not interested then. I was feeling very suicidal at the time. Another time she just kept lecturing me about the eating habits and I said, "well you might as well talk to the hand, because I am not interested". I say it though with a big smile on my face. She specialises in geriatrics, so I don't know why work organised for me to see her.
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    Omg, she hoped on the scales herself and seriously wtf! Sounds like she has problems herself. I have seen many counsellors for eating disorders but none have ever done that. I have had a couple that lecture me but I think thats when they feel like they are running out of options and nothing is helping. But what you described is nothing like what my eating disorder specialist does now. I mean she weighs me but she has to otherwise she has to send me to hospital. But she doesn't lecture me and she just helps with planing meals and hardly talks about that sort of thing. Sorry but I can't get over she weighed her self and compared it.

    But lol at:

    "Well when she hopped on the scales and told me her weight, I said "don't you think you should do something about that". "