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    i thought counsellors were meant to assess how your feeling not tell you how your feeling!

    I had counselling today, social service sent her to assess how im getting on with things here and to see how i feel about moving back in with my dad when everythings through. I wasn't looking forward to it at all, i was scared and anxious but she bought some things along for me to help me relax. I like to draw so she bought me some more paper and pens and lights really relax me so she got a small ball which lights up when you hit it, it flashes blue, red and green. So i was messing about with that and i felt much better about everything but then she started telling me what had happened in the past between me and dad, telling me about the situation im in now and telling me how i feel now.

    I assume the long pauses between her telling me how i felt were for me to confirm it or not but she should have been told i don't like talking, the only time i talk about things like that is when im asked straight out. She didn't ask me she just left a sentence at a dead end and stared at me. So i didn't talk and i didn't get across how i felt...overall it was a complete waste of time and its made me feel like rubbish, the fact that this person is meant to be looking after me and will be giving the office feedback so they can judge whether im comfortably going back with dad or not and she doesn't even bother to ask me properly how im feeling, she wasn't given the write notes and didn't know i wouldn't be able to talk to her like that.
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    Hmm. She doesn't sound like a very good counselor, to be quite frank :p
    She's not supposed to tell you how you're feeling... she can't possibly know how you're feeling - she's only a counselor, not a mind reader.

    If you can't get a different counselor, you may have to help her out a bit. Tell her stuff without her asking... if you think it's really important. Or, write her a letter. I used to not talk to people at all, and was sent to quite a few counselor type people back in the day. If I wanted to tell people something, I'd write it down for them. It's still a lot easier for me to write things down than it is to talk about them, so maybe try that.

    Good luck :)
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    Yer, i was like that too, its only recently i've started talking to people. I've started writing a letter to her but bit stuck on what to put in it, might ask my friend to help me.

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    Yeah, even after I started talking to people it still took me a really really long time before I'd actually talk to someone without them asking me something specific first. I could never understand why everyone in my class was talking all the time... I'd only talk if I had something reaaallllyyyy important to say. :p

    I dunno what kind of info she was looking for, but just be yourself though, don't try to tell her what you think she wants to hear, just say whatever's important to you.