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I suspect this is common but do you ever feel like you said to much or you ever wish you had worded stuff different. I had my first session the other day and i'm not sure how i feel about it yet.


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No, usually I feel like I haven't told my therapist enough. It's hard to open up and tell the truth about myself. The more you tell the more they can help you.

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I have both of these problems! It's taken me 20 months of weekly sessions to come close to trusting my counsellor, but I still find it hard to open up and when I do, I'm convinced that I haven't explained myself properly.

My counsellor clarifies things with me though, as he knows I worry about being understood, and he reads between the lines more often than not, so they generally understand what you mean, even if you weren't clear.



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Since you'll see them again, then you'll have time to reword anything.
I just let it all out, all the stuff I'm too embarrassed to tell others, its a relief, I don't think you can tell them too much, thats what their there for.


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I feel more relaxed about it now and yeah i do clarify stuff if i think i worded it wrong. Now i have been doing it for a while thinking i have said to much isn't something i usually worry about and sometimes i do find myself wishing i had said more about some stuff.
I had been thinking of stopping though but i am unsure if i want to.

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