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    i wasnt too sure where to post this but decided here was probably best. ive not been around here much lately but that was an unconscious self preservation decision i had made when i started alcohol counselling. the last few months have been pretty difficult but making the move to refer myself for alcohol counselling when i had yet another relapse has probably been the best decision i have ever made.
    i have been in alcohol counselling for a few months now and while its been extremely difficult to face the reasons for me drinking it has also been a big eye opener and has thrown up more questions than answers so far, but i have a fantastic counsellor who has been very patient and supportive to me. i thought i had good support before when i had a key worker etc but i have managed to open up much more to the present support, which for me is a big change. i think i may have finally found the right person, and more crucially the right timing to work through my past and sort things out in my head so i have a better future.
    counselling is going to be a long drawn out process but im in the right place to do it now.
    anyway, i think ive gone on enough, i just wanted to post for those that have been a support to me here as to what has been going on and where im at just now.
    you know who you are, and thank you for the support :peaceful:
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    I am so happy that you have a great councilor hun that you are comfortable opening up to I wish you all the best in your recovery h ugs thanks for update
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    Good for you.. thats awesome