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  1. LetMeBeMe

    LetMeBeMe Active Member

    I was thinking the other day that maybe I need more uhh 'professional' help... but i really dont know how to go about getting it. I wouldnt be able to tell my mum anything about it either, which makes it even harder.
    Also if i did find a way, i dont understand like what happens... like do that ask questions, or would i be expected to just talk...

    Sorry ive always turned down the idea, so i know nothing about it... i would just like a little advice on how to get it...
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hun you can go to the school councillor and talk to them You can talk to parents hun they would want you to feel better and they would get you best help to make it so Talk to a relative even hun but get some help okay start healing now.
  3. LetMeBeMe

    LetMeBeMe Active Member

    My parents are out of the question as they are the main reason im like this... but if i was to go to the school counsellor, how would i approach it?
  4. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    JUst say you need to talk to someone and that your parents cannot be told anything hun If you have trouble talking write out what you want to say on paper and ask it to be given to a councillor They will help you talk they are trained to do that hugs
  5. Acy

    Acy Mama Bear - TLC, Common Sense Staff Member Safety & Support

    LetMeBeMe, try this link for information and resources in the Queensland, Australia area:

    I don't know what the regulations on age/privacy are in Australia, but from my quick glance at the youth/young people's info, it seems that government initiatives are for people between 10 and 25 years of age, so perhaps your parents don't need to know. You can at least contact the folks to find out more. :)

    Counseling is like having a tourguide to yourself. The counselor knows the territory of human thinking and feeling...the ways most people behave and feel about experiences good and they ask questions to get us to think of things that will help us find our own solutions.

    Keep posting here, too. You'll get lots of support here. :hug:
  6. BLee10

    BLee10 Member

    I go to therapy but I understand that that's out of the question because of your parents but I think a school counselor good be able to help in virtually the same way. As total eclipse said, write it out if you're uncomfortable at first. These people are generally really nice people that can really help you vent and work on your problems. It's someone to confide in that you can trust to keep everything confidential and not to judge you.
  7. LetMeBeMe

    LetMeBeMe Active Member

    Thanks guys, and thanks for the link Acy. Ive always been to scared to even consider counselling... but im sick of burdening mates with my bad mood... so i figured it would be a idea...
    Ill definantly still be posting on here though *hugs* to you all
  8. Speedy

    Speedy Staff Alumni

    Good luck with the counseling idea. Look forward to hearing from you soon. :)
  9. LetMeBeMe

    LetMeBeMe Active Member

    Just curious, on what you think. As far as confidentiality goes, it says it can be broken if they think you will harm yourself or others... would that include self-harm... seems like a stupid question...
  10. Speedy

    Speedy Staff Alumni

    I'm not sure. :hug:
  11. nolonger

    nolonger Well-Known Member

    my therapist didn't tell my parents about the self harm. u can pretty much tell them wat u do and dont want ur parents to know.
  12. LetMeBeMe

    LetMeBeMe Active Member

    Thanks LongRoad95...
  13. in peace

    in peace Member

    You arnt burdening anyone, I want you to tell me, ive been through it all sammy, I am always here for yas :)
  14. HaydenDaMan

    HaydenDaMan New Member

    i hope you will be ok LetMeBeMe.... :)
  15. Slothbear

    Slothbear Well-Known Member

    I think it depends on the severity of the self harm.
    Generally i don't think they do. I think when they say that they mainly just mean if you tell them your going to kill yourself and you have a plan etc or if you feel homicidal and want to kill other people then by law they have to alert someone and have you assessed by a doctor for your own and other peoples safety.
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