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    Courage is the feeling that you can make it,
    no matter how challenging the situation.
    It is knowing that you can reach out
    for help and you are not alone.
    Courage is accepting each day,
    knowing that you have the inner resources
    to deal with the ordinary things
    as well as the confusing things,
    with the exciting things
    as well as the painful things.
    Courage is taking the time
    to get involved with life, family,
    and friends,
    and giving your love and energy
    in whatever ways you can.
    Courage is being who you are,
    being aware of your good qualities
    and talents,
    and not worrying about
    what you do not have.
    Courage is allowing yourself to live
    as fully as you can,
    to experience as much of life
    as you are able to,
    to grow and develop yourself
    in whatever directions you need to.
    Courage is having hope for the future
    and trust in the natural flow of life.
    It is being open to change.
    Courage is having faith that life
    is a beautiful gift.

    - Donna Levine Small

    I hope this poem helps some of you find courage and hope.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.