Cousin died Christmas Eve day

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    My 27 (maybe 28) year old cousin died of a drug overdose at around 6:30 am on Chirstmas Eve day. I have issues with death so I am not mourning rather then reflecting and his story is actually very intresting. He was born to very loving parents but he was a short guy that got picked on alot, so he fell into drugs at a very early age (around 14). Sadfully on September 11, 2001, he got into a very bad argument with his father, unfourtently that was the last time he would see him alive as his father was a rescue fire fighter in New York City and died in the twin towers. Obviously my cousin was devesated and never quiet emotionaly recovered, beyond that people around him wanted him to be a strong person for the sake of his family but he was never a strong person. From there he went from being in the best drug treatment centers money could buy from doing time in Rikers (a very bad jail in NY). Sadfully when he overdosed he was getting his life on track, he decided he wanted to be a chef and even made dinner for his familiy the night of his death. His mother (my aunt) found him the next morning dead, and was very devisated to say the least. I don't know about the funeral details but I decided not to go because honestly I just don't do funerals (the only one I went to was his father, and even though there was no body I hate the culture surrounding them). Like I said I am not in mourning, I feel bad but I dont think it will affect me in any way. Still a sad situation.
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    It is a sad story hun dam drugs seem to get everyone sorry he lost his battle hun
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    My condolences, as well. I'm sorry he never got to turn that corner to fix his life

    You say you're not mourning, but it's possibly affected you and still in shock

    Kepp coming around here, posting if you want, you're welcome here