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    Once I was white,
    pure as a blank sheet of paper
    awaiting the hand of an artist,
    that you crudely blotted with ink.

    At first the blots
    were small and unobtrusive,
    but others appeared
    to add to them,
    and then they spread
    like an insidious seed
    sending out rootlets
    to wrap around me
    and choke me with malignancy.

    And as the years passed
    I became twisted,
    my growth stunted
    because of the black veins
    pulsing with your vile venom
    that poisoned every facet
    of my wretched existence.

    Like the ink of the damned
    tattooing my wings,
    the taint of destruction
    left its mark upon me
    as I tried to move out
    from beneath its shadow
    that eclipsed the sun.

    I am lost in the black swirls
    that have spun out to infinity,
    incapable of returning
    to that innocence
    you stole from me
    when you set my feet firmly
    upon the path of corruption.

    We're both the same,
    you see,
    creatures of darkness
    as you fashioned me to be.

    Now I watch
    as you destroy yourself,
    and feel nothing--
    not a single trace of pity.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.