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Covid and Vitamin D3


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i am vitamin d deficient and ive been out of it for a few months. doc wants me to take it so i'll probably reorder some. i didn't know it could help with covid...mike...*hug*shake

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Vitamin D3 costs almost nothing, it's beneficial for many things and there's no harm in taking it in order to ward off pneumonia, which is most likely to kill in a Covid infection. So, why not? I don't understand why people react to recommendations to take an over the counter Vitamin D supplement the same way they would to the 'healing' power of crystals.


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you and my doctor are right . i am supposed to tak higher amounts of vitamin d and folic acid. i'm going to reorder on the 1st...mike...*hug*shake


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I swear by vitamin D. I used to get sick quite often and once I started working closely with the public I knew I needed to do something. Now every morning I take one or two vitamin D and I wash them down with Emergen-C. Don’t get sick hardly at all anymore and if I do it’s not that bad. Hope I didn’t just jinx myself!!!

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