Cowardice and numbers

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    When I was bullied by the class during highschool I had one problem with my classmates: None of them had the strength to back up their words with actions. They would call me names, but when confronted they would band together to stop me or they would run away. They loved to insult, but they were genuinely afraid of the consequences.

    In this day and age, I have not run across the traditional "bully". No, in my country the American or European bully is a myth. He does not exist; he will not steal your lunch money*, he will not wait for you at the exist to hit you, he will not steal your things. I have run across the mass, the horde, the superstitious bunch of ignorants who believe in unity through facing an imagined enemy. Like the racial lynchings of the United States or the witch hunts of the middle ages, these fools would find superficial reasons to judge others.

    *To clarify, in my country school lunches are either free or unnecessary, since the average schoolday lasts four hours in most schools.