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  1. Wastingecho

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    One of the issues making it more difficult for me than normal is a constant state of exhaustion - home by 6, falling asleep by 8-8:30.

    Specialist diagnosed me with sleep apnea after an at-home sleep study then set me up with an in-lab study that included the use of a CPAP machine which kind of felt like a tight scuba mask and increased the air pressure in my lungs so that I would hopefully not stop breathing at night.

    For two days after that, I was more exhausted than usual - had to fight to keep my eyes open all day.

    Even now at work, day 3, it's barely 3 in the afternoon and I'm starting to lose it already.

    If anyone out there has used one of these machines, is this kind of reaction normal?
  2. total eclipse

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    No it is not normal to be more tired unless the machine itself keeps you awaKe at night you are not use to it .

    I would talk to the specialist and see if the air pressure needs to be readjusted some ok
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    The mask on your machine may not be the right kind for you. My ex went through about 7 different types before he finally found one that enabled him to sleep at night. After years of untreated sleep apnea, he is finally doing well and swears this has made a huge difference in his energy level and mood. If you google CPAP masks, you'll get some idea of the many different kinds available. Good luck. Don't give up on this, as many people do. It is worth it, once you have the right set-up, but it does take a little effort.
  4. Danialla

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    I have sleep apnea also but I use a bi-pap pressure going in and a lighter pressure breathing out. I also use nasal pillows as my mask. I would ask about a bi-pap machine.
  5. Wastingecho

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    Still waiting for test results to get to my doctor
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    When i was first put on a CPAP I was told it could take months before a significant change is noticed. After quite a few months with no change I asked my neurologist about it. If I recall correctly (this was like 9 years ago), he said that sometimes people with treatment resistant depression who are still having day time sleepiness despite the CPAP sometimes benefit from provigil. He prescribed it and I went from only being able to work 20hours a week because of fatigue/sleepiness to working 40 hours a week within 2 weeks of the provigil. Eventually I could also tell a big difference when I didn't use the CPAP (e.g., on a short vacation where I was too lazy to pack it up), so it wasn't just the provigil - the CPAP was definitely necessary and helpful. Last year, however, when they had me retest on an APAP (auto adjusting CPAP) I felt more tired in the morning than on the old CPAP. Long story short - I pushed for an "in center" sleep study (vs a take home APAP study) and am now on a bi-pap. First time I EVER have woken up in the morning feeling rested. So - hang in there and speak up for yourself if things don't seem right. It could be something simple, like getting used to the mask (or changing to a different one). It could be a titration adjustment is needed or maybe drugs plus CPAP or bi-pap might be the answer. Crossing my fingers that you have found an answer by now and this then might just be useful for others at some point. :)
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    My lung doctor put me on CPAP machine and I couldn't even sleep at all. The air pressure wasn't right. Then my doctor ordered a Bibap machine that has different air pressure depending on your breathing. Again, I still couldn't sleep maily because I'm not use to have anything on my face. Then, my doctor ordered air pillows which just you place it in your nostrils. Anyway, nothing worked so I returned it and was considerate against doctor orders. I had to pay for some of the treatment. Anywas, I now can sleep withou all that. I'm speaking about my experience, not exactly everyone will have the same problem.
  8. Wastingecho

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    Delays between insurance and the equipment provider meant I didn't get the machine until beginning of June but they did fit me with nose pillows

    In week 5 now and so far the one getting extra sleep is my wife since she says I've stopped snoring

    Falling asleep is not a problem but I'm still constantly waking up and still constantly exhausted - probably shouldn't even drive to and from the station some days but don't have choice

    Weekends are no better - in bed by 9 - waking anywhere between 1 and 3